UPSEUniversity of the Philippines School of Economics
UPSEUnion of Public Sector Employees (est. 1961; Prince Edward Island, Canada)
UPSEUttar Pradesh Stock Exchange (India)
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Despite the fact that UPSes fall under Category 9 of WEEE which does not currently require RoHS conformance, Tripp Lite has chosen to comply fully with RoHS regulations thereby eliminating the use of toxic elements in its UPS range.
UPSes provide backup power to span brief outages: typically up to 15 to 30 minutes depending on capacity based on the number of circuits and demand on them.
Another feature available with some on-line UPSes is galvanic isolation, which eliminates neutral-to-ground and common mode noise paths as well as ground loops by electrically isolating the instrument to increase accuracy and data-communications reliability.
Adding a UPS dramatically increases your uptime because most UpSes exhibit MTBFs far greater than those associated with internet-working equipment If you size your UPS to provide your internetworking equipment with at least five minutes of run-time, it will protect you from more than 90% of all power problems.
For example, the 55xC and 65xC rated SSG[R] Series temperature UPS address a serious issue military personnel face everyday: UPSes that cannot operate in extreme temperatures and/or fail to provide adequate battery runtime in such conditions, sometimes after just weeks of being deployed.
UPSes are commonly used in the IT industry and as such would normally be considered to fall under WEEE Category 3.
Compared with other industrial-grade UPSes available on the market today, the SSG Series' robust design protects the internal batteries and components from the ambient heat much more effectively which ultimately leads to a more reliable UPS that is much easier and cost-effective to maintain.
The Channel Champions winners are as follows: * Antivirus Software -- Symantec * Data Services -- Worldcom * Databases -- Microsoft and Oracle (tie) * Enterprise Network Attached Storage -- EMC * Firewalls -- Symantec * Four-Way Wintel-Based Servers -- Compaq * Intrusion Detection -- Cisco * Java Application Servers -- IBM * Microprocessors -- AMD * Monitors -- Viewsonic * Motherboards -- Intel * Network Color Laser Printers -- HP * Network Hardware -- Cisco * Network Management Software -- HP * Network Operating Systems -- Red Hat * Notebooks -- IBM * Rack mounted UPSes -- APC * Storage Area Network Arrays -- HP * Unix-based Midrange Servers -- Sun * Wireless LANs -- Cisco
LAS VEGAS -- Belkin Corporation, the global leader in connectivity solutions, announces an integrated data center solution of copper and fiber connectivity, KVM switches, enclosures, and UPSes to provide the necessary foundation for optimal network performance and security.
The additional UPSes work in parallel, performing as one
This hand held electronic display pad allows the customer to monitor and configure their Smart-UPS, or Matrix series UPSes without the use of a computer.
The new UPSes are divided into two distinct lines: the Home Office Series and the Universal Series.