UPSITUniversity of Pennsylvania Smell Identification Test
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A total of 100 participants were high performers, scoring in the upper 75th percentile of both the UPSIT and the memory tests.
The investigators found a linear correlation between poor UPSIT performance and both lower hippocampal volume on MRI and higher amyloid burden based on Pittsburgh compound B PET imaging.
The participants initially took the UPSIT during 2004-2006, followed by additional testing during 2006-2008 and 2008-2010.
A low score on the UPSIT test significantly predicted the development of AD with a specificity of 65%.
Figure 2(a) shows a marked difference between patients with PD and controls in their performance on the abbreviated UPSIT test.
Within these, we found no significant correlation between SVV and UPSIT score.
In addition, we found no correlation between the UPDRS-III motor score and the UPSIT score for the PD group (Spearman [rho] = -0.
The UPSIT alone has 85% sensitivity and 46% specificity.
A DAT scan costs between $1,500 and $2,000, versus about $30 for the UPSIT scratch 'n' sniff test, Dr.
Using the UPSIT in combination with DAT imaging, which is a highly specific test for Parkinsonian syndrome, offers the potential to screen large populations in a practical fashion.