UPTICUpper Peninsula Tree Improvement Center (Michigan)
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The Smith Lake wetland (Site 4) had hydric soils classified as an Uptic Histoturbel, with colors ranging from 10YR 2/2 to 10YR 3/2 muck without any redoximor-phic features.
However, in May 2009, BEI allowed again transaction of short selling and margin trading triggering controversy among the market players, following the announcement of a new regulation on flagging (marking system on transaction) and uptic rule (price of short transaction is made on higher price compared with last closing price).
This uptic in academic interest has coincided with a relative boom in the commercial release and distribution of Spanish features in the US and British markets, spearheaded by Almodovar in the 1980s and followed in the 1990s by Trueba, Bigas Luna, Medem, Amenabar and others.