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UPUUnited Postal Uniion (est. 1874)
UPUUnion Postale Universelle (Universal Postal Union)
UPUUrban Popular University (est. 2006; International Alliance of Inhabitants)
UPUUnit Pusat Universiti (Malaysian Ministry of Education; department)
UPUUser Part Unavailable (SS7)
UPUUniversal Power Unit
UPUUniversidad Popular Urbana (Spanish: Urban Popular University; Caracas, Venezuela)
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The UPU will select three best entries from amongst those submitted to it by all the Postal Administrations.
Since 1971, the UPU has invited young writers aged between 10 and 15 years to write letters on a given theme to be in with a chance of winning exciting prizes.
The Ecom @ Africa project is an initiative of the UPU to help postal institutions develop e-commerce-related services.
Each country chooses a national winner and submits their entry to the global round held by UPU. An international jury, chosen by UPU, judges the letters and selects the winners and entries worthy of a special mention.
Omene said all efforts to reposition Urhobo to her rightful place and direction had been perpetually thwarted by some unpatriotic Urhobos in alliance with a factional UPU leader who is allegedly not of Urhobo stock.
The National Association of Manufacturers, for example, blasted the UPU agreement as "outdated." The group also explained that the UPU scheme "contributes significantly to the flood of counterfeit goods and dangerous drugs that enter the country from China."
UPU Director General Bishar Hussein "regrets" the decision and will seek to meet with US representatives to "further discuss the matter," the UPU said in a press release.
The State Department report revealed insufficient reforms in the UPU in line with the US policies outlined in Trump's memorandum in August.
Under the current UPU agreement, foreign merchants are able to ship small packages weighing 2 kilograms (4.4 pounds) or less at a discounted rate to the US.
"Her letter--the letter of an invisible life--tells a harrowing story that speaks to this painful period in the 21st Century; a powerful modern allegory that informs as much as it distresses--a story of conflict, of migrant smuggling, of loss and finally of hope," UPU deputy director general, Pascal Clivaz, said at the awards ceremony.
It also noted that the issue of postage stamps by Armenia on behalf of the illegal regime of the self-proclaimed "Nagorno-Karabakh Republic" contradicts the requirements of the Universal Postal Convention of the UPU.