UPWAUnited Packinghouse Workers of America
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She helped her union, the UPWA, lead fundraising efforts to support Martin Luther King, Jr.
(33) Indeed, while the focus of many black Communists in Chicago was on trade union activism to the mid-1950s through the CIO-affiliated United Packinghouse Workers Association's (UPWA) successful role in promoting anti-discrimination and civil rights on the shop floor, some extended this attention to the wider community.
support for the disbanded UPWA. (182) The election resulted in a new
When the UPWA merged with the Amalgamated Meat Cutters in 1968, the master agreements still covered over 50,000 workers.
Graduating from piece work to the skilled butchering operations, he quickly became active in the local union at the plant, serving on the bargaining and grievance committees, holding the positions of financial secretary, vice-president and president, and representing his local at numerous UPWA conferences and in the Greater Kansas City Industrial Union Council.
However, the members, again led by radicals (who themselves were often in disagreement), would not stand for this and ultimately were able to form a democratic union, the UPWA, in 1943.
Horowitz focuses on the tumultuous career of the United Packinghouse Workers of America (UPWA), from its origins in the labor renaissance of the 1930s, through its eventual decline during the 1960s and '70s.
The papers also detail the rise of unionism: the failure of Swift's welfare capitalism to substitute for the work force's need for representation, the short life of the intriguing Independent Union of All Workers (a radical union modeled somewhat after the IWW), the central role of the black labor force in organizing first under the umbrella of the Packinghouse Workers Organizing Committee and its successor, the United Packinghouse Workers of America (UPWA), and finally, the programs of the UPWA during postwar years to bring about civil rights change to local communities and the Nation.
I'm staying away from it as far as I can." The Packinghouse Workers (UPWA) were an outstanding exception to the rule of silence.
32, in CIO Secretary-Treasurer's files, box 109, Reuther Archives; "CIO Rules Governing Councils Issued by the CIO Executive Board," November 5, 1949, UPWA Office of the President, box 53, WHS Ms., 118.
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