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1 million Internet-facing UPnP devices are potentially vulnerable to being employed in this type of reflection DDoS attack C about 38 percent of the 11 million devices in use around the world.
The aluminum-chassis 24-bit/192kHz DAC streams high-resolution 24-bit/96kHz music via UPnP and features two digital audio inputs, analog outputs and an S/PDIF output, which can be used to connect to a reference-quality DAC.
Chris Wysopal, chief technology officer of security software firm Veracode, said he believed that publication of Rapid7's findings would draw widespread attention to the still emerging area of UPnP security, prompting other security researchers to search for more bugs in UPnP.
UPnP device prototypes are expected to become available this year.
Microsoft is being particularly clever in using XML schema inside the standard talk of the Internet, HTML, to describe devices and how they talk, and has submitted its UpnP proposals to the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force) which acts as a referee and decides standards for the Internet.
0 makes it possible to certificate both UPnP devices and control points within one tool.
The Treck UPnP network device implements a standardized Device Control Protocol (DCP) expressed in XML, which consists of a XML device description page (based on an UPnP Forum device template standard), and also for each service that the device implements, a XML service description page (based on an UPnP Forum service template standard).
UPnP Forum marked the anniversary with a member celebration and reunion at its recent member meeting in Redmond, Wash.
With support for the UPnP AV standard, the D-Link Wireless Media Player can seamlessly find media content files on the network from other UPnP AV-enabled devices such as the D-Link Central Home Storage Drive (DSM-602/4H) without installing additional software.
The worldwide adoption of UPnP technology has served as the foundation for the unprecedented growth in certified UPnP implementations during the past year, and emphasized how the industry continues to react to current market demand for a common baseline of interoperability for all networked devices.
DLNA, a software framework which uses UPnP as well as other higher level standards, is going to help the overall home network market move beyond basic connectivity to link a variety of devices to the network and enable new connected entertainment use-case scenarios.