UPOPUndergraduate Practice Opportunities Program (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)
UPoPUCAR (University Corporation for Atmospheric Research) Point of Presence (Colorado)
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One minor complication is that although the EPOP ratio and the UPOP ratio sum exactly to the LFPR before detrending, their cyclical components do not necessarily add up.
Project Summary : The update of the NIP on the implementation of the Stockholm Convention and protection of the human health and the environment through reduction and elimination of uPOPs and anthropogenic mercury emission from Healthcare Waste, E-waste and Mercury waste associated with improved management activities.
Project Summary : To strengthen integrated and environmentally sound urban planning and management in Cameroon by improving sustainable land use and waste management systems, resulting in reduced pollution, GHGs, and uPOPs emissions
Description : UPOPs Reduction through BAT/BEP and PPP-based Industry Chain Management in Secondary Copper Production Sector in China
Description : Implement Best Environmental Practices (BEP) and Best Available Technologies (BAT) in the health-care sector to assist Kyrgyzstan in meeting its obligations under the Stockholm Convention to reduce UPOPs as well as Mercury releases under the future Minamata Convention, while reducing the occurrence of the spread of infectious diseases due to inadequate HCWM
Description : Reduce releases of PBDEs and UPOPs by improving overall life-cycle management of plastics and PBDEs-containing plastics through the introduction of alternatives to PBDEs in plastics manufacturing processes and the application of BAT/BEP in plastics recycling and disposal practices.