UQAMUniversité du Québec À Montréal (Canada)
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Etat, syndicalisme et travail atypique au Quebec : une sociologie des absences et des emergences, these de doctorat, UQAM, 871 p.
Pour une discussion sur la definition du travail atypique, voir Noiseux, these de doctorat, UQAM, 2008, 21-25.
Melanie's first story, Leon the Chameleon, started out as a project on colour for one of her UQAM classes.
Montreal et Gatineau, UQAM, Ecole de travail social, LAREPPS/UQAM, et CERIS/UQO, no.
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Master's thesis, Urban Studies Department, UQAM, Montreal.
This paper addresses the topic of levelling in creole communities as it relates to the relexification account of creole genesis developed in the course of the UQAM Haitian projects (see Lefebvre 1998 and the references cited therein).
A more substantial effort was produced recently by Philippe Seguin, who spends one week out of four teaching at UQAM.
NP-4's easy programming model enabled the UQAM Netvirt team to realize our OF1.
This judgment would not have been possible without the dedicated work of a professor in the Faculty of Political Science and Law at UQAM and founder of the UQAM International Clinic for the Defense of Human Rights(CIDDHU), Bernard Duhaime, the Groupe d'appui aux rapatries et refugies(GARR) and the Centre culturel dominicain haitien (CCDH).