UQIUrban Quality Indicators (newsletter; Ann Arbor, MI)
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Metrics we choose for quantitative evaluations are PSRN, SSIM, UQI, and VIF as ground-trues are available and well aligned in pixel space on the synthetic dataset.
Quantitative indexes RMSE, PSNR, and UQI in Table 3 show the effectiveness of the TV and TF-L0 methods.
UQI = 4[[sigma].sub.xy]X[bar.Y]/[[[sigma].sup.2.sub.x] + [[sigma].sup.2.sub.x]][[([bar.X]).sup.2] + [([bar.Y]).sup.2]] (23)
SRCC KRCC LCC RMSE PSNR 0.8756 0.6865 0.8723 13.3597 UQI 0.8941 0.7100 0.8987 11.9823 NQM 0.9086 0.7413 0.9122 11.1926 IFC 0.9259 0.7579 0.9268 10.2643 VSNR 0.9274 0.7616 0.9231 10.5059 RFSIM 0.9401 0.7816 0.9354 9.6642 SSIM 0.9479 0.7963 0.9449 8.9455 MSSIM 0.9513 0.8045 0.9489 8.6188 GSM 0.9561 0.8150 0.9512 8.4327 IW-SSIM 0.9567 0.8175 0.9522 8.3473 SR-SIM 0.9618 0.8299 0.9553 8.0811 FSIM 0.9634 0.8337 0.9597 7.6780 VIF 0.9636 0.8282 0.9604 7.6137 FSIMc 0.9645 0.8363 0.9613 7.5296 MAD 0.9669 0.8421 0.9675 6.9073 Proposed 0.9671 0.8561 0.9689 6.8865
Wang and Bovic proposed UQI mode which evaluates images distortion problem including correlation distortion, brightness distortion, and contrast distortion.
Rebekah Uqi Williams, MLA for Quttiktuq, delivered remarks as a panelist on Health Care Policy and Reforms: Current Experiences and Perspectives from Nunavut.
Food Biotechnology: New Frontiers for Food Processing: The Impact of Changes in Agrobiotechnology; Novel and Potential Applications of a-Amylases in the Food Industry; Modelling Conditions Affecting the Production of a Bacteriocin by Enterococus faesium UQI and the Kinetics of the Bacteriocin Antilisterial Activity.
Eight months later, at a meeting in Winnipeg, he was informed by several UQI board members that he was no longer the chief.
They are Barney Williams Jr., an elder from the Tla-o-qui-aht First Nations in Meares Island, B.C.; Doris Young, an educator of the Opaskwayak Cree Nation in The Pas, Man.; Eugene Arcand of the Muskeg Lake First Nation in Saskatchewan; Gordon Williams, a member of the Peguis First Nation in Manitoba; John Banksland, an Inuit elder living in Inuvik, N.W.T.; John Morrisseau, a Metis leader from Grand Rapids, Man.; Lottie May Johnson, a Mi'kmaw healer from Eskasoni, N.S.; Raymond Arcand, former chief of the Alexander First Nation in Alberta; Rebekah Uqi Williams, an Inuk and former Nunavut politician living in Iqaluit; Terri Brown, former president of the Native Women's Association of Canada.