UQLUniversity of Queensland Library (Australia)
UQLUpper Quasihomogeneous Layer
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The UQL Cyberschool was launched in 1998 as a community outreach program to address the challenges faced by schools that have limited resources in finding appropriate and reliable information for effective teaching and learning.
In nominating the UQL Cyberschool, clients noted that the program has been developed in a manner highly responsive to information needs of users and the impact services have had on making information available at a distance.
The 'natives' comprised 76, made up of 30 men, 23 women and 23 children; the `South Sea natives' comprised 73, made up of 33 men, 19 women and 21 children (MacFarlane notes to Haddon, UQL MIC 6626: Population of Darnley, 6 September 1888).