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URAUrban Redevelopment Authority (Singapore)
URAUrban Renewal Authority (Hong Kong)
URAYou Are A
URAUganda Revenue Authority
URAUrban Renewal Area
URAUnidade de Resposta Audível
URAUniform Act
URAUser Range Accuracy
URAUniversities Research Association, Inc.
URAUniformly Redundant Array
URAUnion of Rutgers Administrators
URAUnited Rodeo Association
URAUTRAN Registration Area
URAUniform Rectangular Array
URAUniversity Research Associates (Englewood Cliffs, NJ)
URAUser Requirement Analysis
URAUltra-Reliable Aircraft
URAUrassociation (Amway)
URAUniform Resource Address
URAUranium Recycle Acid
URAUltrareduced Redundant Array
URAUnité de Raccordement des Abonnés (French: Central Office)
URAUrban Renaissance Agency (Japan)
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In FY2012, ten universities were additionally appointed and fifteen universities in total started implementing the URA system.
With the URA Doll Kit they can print it on the specialized paper and use the instructions to Voila: The crafter now has a paper doll with arms and legs that move.
His comments came in the wake of dissent expressed by Dr URA over the selection of vice- chancellor of the Davanagere University.
In addition, Barry Funt was appointed as Executive Vice President, Head of Real Estate Operations of URA.
There occur variations of ora ~ ura in the earlier recordings of toponyms.
According to URA officials, during the pilot phase, the KRIS Intelligent Filer will be used by a select group of staff, but it will eventually be used by all URA employees.
Wearing a formal kimono, the premier enjoyed ''koicha,'' a relatively thick tea served in a large bowl passed around to wish for peace and celebrate the New Year, at Ura Senke's Tokyo school in Shinjuku Ward.
One URA official remarked, "We are spending scarce resources without any returns.
The Keystone Communities program will provide funding for a public improvement grant for the URA to implement an extensive street light project in the continuous thoroughfare between East Liberty s bordering neighborhoods of Highland Park and Shadyside.
It will help the URA increase the level of tax compliance in the country, broaden the tax base and provide efficient services to Uganda's tax payers.