URAAUruguay Round Agreement on Agriculture (agricultural trade; Uruguay)
URAAUruguay Round Agreements Act of 1994
URAAUnited Russian-American Association
URAAUniform Relocation Assistance Act (Connecticut)
URAAUniversity of Richmond Alumni Association (Richmond, VA)
URAAUniform Recognition of Acknowledgments Act (Michigan)
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The relevant House Reports notes that Congress passed the URAA to make federal copyright and other laws comply with international treaties, including the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works.
URAA Section 129 is entitled "Administrative Action Following WTO Panel Reports," and Section 129(c)(1) provides that "Determinations concerning Title VII of the Tariff Act of 1930 that are implemented under this section shall apply with respect to unliquidated entries of the subject merchandise ..." The U.S.
Market promotion programs such as MAP and FMDP are not considered to be trade distorting under the URAA, and therefore are not subject to internationally agreed spending disciplines.
(7) See Uruguay Round Agreements Act (URAA) Statement of Administrative Action, H.Doc.
Each country's agricultural imports from the rest of the world, though, will continue to be subject to the tariff levels and quotas negotiated under the URAA or under separate bilateral FTAs each has entered into with other trading partners.
Fast track and free trade advocates also have been promoting the success of the URAA by citing USDA estimates of its economic benefits for farmers.
These negotiations are part of the so-called WTO's "built-in agenda" and are intended to continue the process of "substantial progressive reductions in support and protection" of agriculture (Article 20 of the 1994 WTO Uruguay Round Agreement on Agriculture (URAA)) begun in 1986.
The eighth round, the Uruguay Round brought major reductions in tariffs and agricultural subsidies (URAA).
signed the URAA in 1994, which provided a performer the right to
Is enshrined in the URAA the impossibility of a private party to seek direct implementation of a report of the panel and/or Appellate Body, since only Congress and administrative bodies could decide to implement a recommendation and, if they decide to do so, and how to implement the referred recommendation.