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Vargas Llosa invents and develops Urania according to the way in which Trujillo actually treated women, according to a number of historical sources.
Urania Cabrars return to the Dominican Republic's capital, Santo Domingo, seems almost as unconsidered and unplanned as her departure from it had been as a fourteen-year-old schoolgirl thirty-five years previously.
Urania Cottage is mentioned three times, once as a refuge for "homeless women," and twice as a home for "fallen women.
Her paternal grandparents are the late Urania and John L.
When we visited the Urania at 8 o'clock" writes the correspondent, "we were taken into a small rotunda where there was already a large number of listeners.
Wendy has recently returned from Berlin where she performed four shows for 700 people in school and family groups at the Urania science centre.
I could not put down Giulia Bigolina's Urania, and so many times during the narration I wondered how this talented author was going to get her characters out of the bizarre and seemingly impassable situations in which they had impulsively put themselves.
Newcastle's UEFA Cup opponents booked their place in the last 16 of the Swiss Cup yesterday with a comfortable win at amateur side Urania Geneva Sport.
Operations being sold are mills in Bon Wier, Texas; Cleveland, Texas; Logansport, Louisiana; and Urania, Louisiana, and a medium density fiberboard mill in Urania, Louisiana.
Vargas Llosa's complex view of the tangled interrelationship of American and Latin American politics is embodied in the fictional fate of one of his protagonists, Urania Cabral, a Dominican who returns in 1996 to her country after decades in exile in order to pay a last and none too reconciliatory visit to her ailing father, a man who once served in Trujillo's inner circle of advisers and confidantes.
Set in the Dominican Republic, this triple-plotted novel is at once a fictionalized character study of Rafael "The Goat" Trujillo, the dictator who once ruled that island; of the cell of men who ended his reign by assassination; and of one individual, Urania Cabral, the daughter of a senator who proves his loyalty to the regime by handing over the fourteen-year-old to be deflowered by the seventy-year-old dictator.
Unlike The Triumph of Life, Shelley, under the dubious influence of his muse, Urania, has in Adonais carefully constructed his dome by, among other things, manipulating a set of images, in a manner beautifully described by Earl Wasserman, by relocating them in a series of opposing contexts: the contexts of matter, of cyclic renewal, and of pure spirit or mind.