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URANIAUniversal Research Archive of Networked Information in Astronomy
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The Urania sawmill will require up to 850,000 tons of wood per year, with plans to produce approximately 200 million board feet of lumber annually.
Indeed, the missions of organizations like Urania consisted in identifying and defining "the limits of 'legitimate knowledge'within the GDR" (Schmidt-Lux, "Science as Religion" 31).
Las especies del genero Urania, por ser de habitos fundamentalmente diurnos y poseer tanto organos timpanicos bien desarrollados como estructuras productoras de sonido, resultan buenas candidatas para suponer que usan las senales acusticas como medio de comunicacion intraespeciflca, como fue sugerido por Lees (1992) y Barro et al.
Amplified, or dilated, rhetorical practices emerge in Urania through color, clothing, and design, particularly in their associations with the emotions of Wroth's characters.
Bolina was a woman who dared to say what no other woman of her time was saying," claims Christopher Nissen in this compellingly argued apologia of Giulia Bigolina, a sixteenth century "literary innovator" and "defender of women" (2) who, with her romance, Urania, challenged the greater authorities of her time by pioneering a new way to look at the interfaces between women, beauty, art and literature: "What Urania dares, Bigolina dares" (229).
104, has suggested that it needs to be considered on its own, rather than amalgamated with the published versions of the poems in the 1621 Urania.
Two of the projects Dickens supported deserve brief comment: the Ragged Schools and Urania Cottage.
Originally published in German as Alles Mathematik, second edition by Vieweg & Sohn Verlag, this work collects written versions of popular lectures given to a large and diverse audience at the Urania lecture series in Berlin.
Of all the novelistic episodes that dwell on the servile behavior, humiliation and paralysis of the Dominican nation, the one that stands out the most is the story of Urania Cabral and her father, Agustin Cabral.
The star of the show, however, is a refined bronze, Venus Urania or Allegory of Astronomy, believed to be a hitherto unrecorded work by the great Mannerist master Giambologna (1529-1608).
For example, Pitter publishes a poem titled "Urania" in 1934 (not discussed by King), titles her 1950 selected poems Urania, and occasionally refers to Urania elsewhere (see 97, 126).
Urania Cabral, la protagonista de la novela, encarna bien el trauma sufrido por la Republica Dominicana; de nina, ella fue violada por Trujillo y, como resultado, busco refugio en los Estados Unidos, lejos no solo del dictador sino de su padre, un complice en este crimen.