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If Frye's final chapter on Lady Mary Wroth and The Countess of Montgomery's Urania departs from the representation of "actual" cloth (as on the stage) or the analysis of the textual/textile practices of "actual" women and their domestic practices, it nevertheless shows the ways in which the culture of textiles influences the pen, if not the needle, of this prominent female author.
Kissing the Wild Woman: Concepts of Art, Beauty, and the Italian Prose Romance in Giulia Bigolina's Urania. Toronto, Buffalo, London: University of Toronto Press, 2011.
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Two of the projects Dickens supported deserve brief comment: the Ragged Schools and Urania Cottage.
Originally published in German as Alles Mathematik, second edition by Vieweg & Sohn Verlag, this work collects written versions of popular lectures given to a large and diverse audience at the Urania lecture series in Berlin.
Of all the novelistic episodes that dwell on the servile behavior, humiliation and paralysis of the Dominican nation, the one that stands out the most is the story of Urania Cabral and her father, Agustin Cabral.
The star of the show, however, is a refined bronze, Venus Urania or Allegory of Astronomy, believed to be a hitherto unrecorded work by the great Mannerist master Giambologna (1529-1608).
For example, Pitter publishes a poem titled "Urania" in 1934 (not discussed by King), titles her 1950 selected poems Urania, and occasionally refers to Urania elsewhere (see 97, 126).
Albert Dock: Lord Rank; John Laing; Jolie Brise; Dasher; Spaniel; Morning Star of Revelation; Stina Mari; Lietuva; Moosk; Assarain II; Westward Ho; Urania; Antwerp Flyer; Gaudeamus; Black Diamond of Durham; Esprit; Alba Explorer; Clyde Challenger; Gedania: Hebe III; Fraggle; Zryw; St Barbara V; Rzeszowiak; Akela; Gwarek; Nitron; Williwaw; Greater Manchester Challenge; Glaciere of Liverpool; Rupel; Rona II; Royalist; Jens Krogh; Ocean Spirit of Mersey.