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URBUSB (Universal Serial Bus) Request Block
URBUrbanización (district; postcode use, Puerto Rico)
URBUsb Request Block
URBUniversal Request Block
URBUniversal Restriction Buffer
URBUniversity Radio Bath (UK)
URBUpright Bass (musical instrument)
URBUnfair Random Brutality (gaming)
URBUrban Semiotic Blog
URBUpper Reliability Bound
URBUrubupunga, Sao Paulo, Brazil (Airport Code)
URBUnités de Renseignement de Brigade (French: Units Intelligence Brigade)
URBUniversal Request Broker
URBUnreconciled Balance
URBUnion of Russia and Belarus
URBUser Requirement Brief
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Pledged revenues for the URBs are derived primarily from specific student fees/charges and net auxiliary revenues of the system's two universities.
Hence, the large decreases in solute concentrations observed at the AG and URB sites during a storm are probably due to a larger overland flow component in these catchment streams.
Regulatory Takings Jurisprudence Post-Tahoe, 30 FORDHAM URB.
Symposium, First Annual Stein Center Symposium on Contemporary Urban Challenges: Big Cities, Big Problems: Solutions for the 1990s, 19 FORDHAM URB.
Connorton, The Fiscal Crisis of New York City Voluntary Hospitals, 2 FORDHAM URB.
Sonoco-Alcore vice president Eddie Smith said, a[euro]oeOver the past quarter, we have seen a severe increase in the cost of starches and chemicals as well as an overall tightness of raw material supply and URB in the market.
The low yield on the previously announced April URB price increase, along with the impact of rising raw material and other costs, makes it necessary to go back to the market to recover those costs, explained Palace Stepps, division vice president of sales and marketing for Sonocos U.