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URBUSB (Universal Serial Bus) Request Block
URBUrbanización (district; postcode use, Puerto Rico)
URBUniversity Radio Bath (UK)
URBUpright Bass (musical instrument)
URBUrban Semiotic Blog
URBUpper Reliability Bound
URBUrubupunga, Sao Paulo, Brazil (Airport Code)
URBUnités de Renseignement de Brigade (French: Units Intelligence Brigade)
URBUniversal Request Broker
URBUnreconciled Balance
URBUnion of Russia and Belarus
URBUser Requirement Brief
URBUnfair Random Brutality (gaming)
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Regulatory Takings Jurisprudence Post-Tahoe, 30 FORDHAM URB.
A portrait of the thriving subculture of the music industry that blends diverse genres, cultures, and individuals, "Sauza Presents URB Next 100 Live" takes viewers on a journey that aligns perfectly with the "discovery" aspect of the Sauza experience.
Symposium, Third Annual Stein Center Symposium on Contemporary Urban Challenges: Urban Environmental Justice, 21 FORDHAM URB.
See Mary Spearing, Note, Landmark Preservation: The Problem of the Tax Exempt Owner, 3 FORDHAM URB.
URB Magazine (URB), the leading underground music and progressive urban lifestyle magazine, today announced the final line up of designers for its 2nd annual Streetwear "Style Bytes" Fashion Show held Feb.
We look forward to helping URB accomplish these strategic and operational objectives for its many utility and municipality clients through the use of Itron technology.
The title of the lectures is "Rus in Urbs Today: A Decade of Urban Landscape Design for American Cities.
This year's theme is Urbs in Rure, based on Solihull's motto which is the Town in the Country, so the floats will have an environmental theme.
Making sense of the many-layered complexities of Urbs Roma has proved a daunting subject for all who take on the challenge.
Mehmed tried to understand the Christian mind and found that "The weakness, helplessness, disunion and mutual jealousy of the Christian world were, as usual, Mehmed's best allies" (269), and ultimately what interested him was "dominion over the globe and not only Italy and the Urbs [Rome]" (284).