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URBIUniversal Real-Time Behavior Interface (robotics)
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An additional challenge faced homebuilders such as URBI, Javer, Homex, and GEO will be reducing inventory levels during 2013.
GEO, Homex, and URBI have debt coming due in 2014, 2015, 2016, respectively.
The scheme will provide low-income housing through both traditional mortgages and the Alternativa URBI program.
Miguel Olea, Managing Partner of Aureos Mexico, comments: "Aureos has extensive experience managing private equity funds across Asia, Africa and Latin America; now with URBI, we have created a new exciting investment scheme, focused on new market niches, that is the only one of its type in Mexico.
Due to its sound origination and collection methods, URBI has developed, in conjunction with credit agencies, responsible clients with payment capabilities that are deeply rooted to their homes once they have obtained their mortgage.
Cuauhtemoc Perez, CEO of URBI, comments: "It is a great accomplishment to participate with ALAF, who will provide its expertise in innovative investment schemes in emerging countries.
Alternativa URBI mortgages will be granted by Sociedad Hipotecaria Federal (Mexican Federal Mortgage Agency - "SHF") through its network of financial affiliates, and shortly through Infonavit, in line with the analysis and proposals that are currently under development for workers that do not have immediate access to a mortgage.
Selene Avalos, URBI's CFO, concludes: "We have found in ALAF the best partner for our traditional mortgage program and our innovative scheme, Alternativa URBI.
CONTACT: Antonio Jorge, Investor Relations Manager of URBI Desarrollos Urbanos S.
CONTACT: Antonio Jorge, Investor Relations Managers, URBI Desarrollos Urbanos, SA de CV, +011-52-55-11020390, ext.