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URBISUptake of Re-Engineering in Business
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There were two great adventures in topography in the 20th century: Plainer and Ashby's Topographical Dictionary (1929), and the Lexicon Topographicum Urbis Romae (LTUR; 1993-2000).
A double-screen projection, also titled Mirabilia Urbis, 2012, reveals rotating images of Roman panoramas inscribed in two circles, like the spheres in a map of the Earth.
Mas que como una utopia en relacion con la Antiguedad o no, como ha sido calificada la obra de Piranesi (14), toda vez que cualquier atisbo de optimismo es ajeno a su produccion, creo que es preferible considerarla como vision personal e inmersa en el complejo debate arquitectonico de la segunda mitad del Settecento, en el cual los fragmentos de la Forma Urbis Romae, deben ser entendicos como autenticos pezzi, en el sentido italiano del termino que, literalmente pedazos, atiende asimismo a tiempo o rato, es decir a una dimension temporal, del mismo modo que puede significar pieza musicalmente hablando.
URBIS The striking new home of the National Football Museum
Of course if shopping is not your thing, there's plenty of other stuff to do and see; city centre museum Urbis (www.
A late bid by Preston and Lancashire Councils failed as trustees yesterday agreed to move it to the Urbis Centre.
The online resource will carry more than 2,000 titles, including high-resolution colour facsimile images of all the Royal Library's Danish imprints, from the earliest works--Breviarium Othoniense and Guilelmus Caorsin's Obsidionis Rhodiae urbis descriptio, printed by Johann Snel in Odense in 1482--through to works by the astronomer and alchemist Tycho Brahe (1546-1601) produced on his press at Uranienborg on the island of Hven before 1597.
Buy Art Fair runs from Sept 2427 at Urbis, Cathedral Gardens, Manchester.
Delineation of the City of Rome (Descriptio urbis Romae).
And who would have believed that Emory Douglas (pictured right), the minister of culture for the Black Panthers, one of the most radical black liberation groups in the US, would be feted with an exhibition at the Urbis in Manchester, UK, celebrating some of the most iconic images of the era?
Until 7 September, New exhibition at Urbis, Manchester