URCEUnités de Réduction Certifiée des Émissions (French: Units of Certified Emission Reduction; Kyoto Protocol)
URCEUnion of Rohingya Communities in Europe
URCEUlmi Radicis Cortex Extract
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By linking together these strands of information, it is hoped that a body of evidence can be built to refine and uphold the malleable attentional reso urces theory as proposed in this paper.
For all their static rendering of living Indian memory, Harrod finds these anthropological texts a rich so urce for his reconstruction of Indian spiritualism.
It is at least an interesting argument that finds in the triumph of these "rules" a fertile so urce ground for the most anti-social excesses of the 'eighties gangstas.
Although deliberately seeking to expand the range of human possibilities (perhaps infinitely), construction runs headlong into the vortex of finitude, thus endangering the very so urce of possibilities (or its own "condition of possibility").
In joint regression analysis, the reaction norms are portrayed in terms of linear growth responses to the gradient of reso urce richness, characterized by the mean growth rate of all clones on each resource.
Another possible so urce, reported to Dennis in 1997, was the burning of waterhyacinth Eichhornia crassipes, which cause problems for navigation by small boats.
19] The inscription of the verse decrees on the Douze Tables guarded within the Temple de l'Amitie supports their status as so urce of an immutable truth that surpasses the oral tradition represented by the narrative's numerous poems.
Our sos urce says: "Everyone knk ows he and Cami ended on o bad terms and he's kek en not to revisit it.
Broadbent, Church, Meck, & Rakitin, 1993) that number and time discriminations are related processes, counting series trials seems to be a more reasonable so urce of position information here than does timing.
Although there are still a large number of villages that reported rattan scarcity (N=11) or theft (N=5) and have yet to do anything about it, and although it is clearly too early to assess the effectiveness of these community resource controls, the behavior of these five villages provides an interesting case of where access to a valuable forest reso urce is being restricted in response to resource scarcity.
Last night the source said: "Since Fabrice almost died he urce ice he doesn't want to waste one moment of his life so he is getting married.