URETUser Request Evaluation Tool (Air Traffic Control)
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URET can determine whether pilot-requested changes in flight plans are free of conflicts with other air traffic.
URET also automatically predicts aircraft-to-aircraft conflicts up to 20 minutes in advance, enabling controllers to plan more strategically.
With URET, the FAA has delivered a completely new capability to our nation's air traffic controllers," said Sue Corcoran, vice president of Aviation Solutions for Lockheed Martin Transportation and Security Solutions.
We are pleased that the FAA is deploying new technologies, such as URET, to enable pilots and carriers to get more out of the national air system," said Air Transport Association President and CEO James C.
In addition to predicting aircraft-to-aircraft conflicts, URET continuously monitors aircraft conformance to filed flight plans.
The FAA awarded Lockheed Martin a $204 million contract to fully develop URET in September 1999.
Make that merging a new race car onto a single lane track while changing the tires on two other race cars moving at 120 miles per hour and you have URET CCLD integrated with Host and DSR.
The URET CCLD system will be operational by mid-2002 at six additional ARTCCs: Memphis, Indianapolis, Cleveland, Chicago, Atlanta and Washington, D.
In addition, CAASD has played a central role in developing a number of performance-enhancing ATM tools, including URET (User-Request Evaluation Tool), which aids the controller in managing en route traffic and detecting potential conflicts; and CDM (Collaborative Decision-Making), which enables users to electronically exchange and analyze flight data and information.