URFCUnitized Regenerative Fuel Cell
URFCUnion Révolutionnaire des Femmes du Congo (Revolutionary Union of Congolese Women, Republic of the Congo)
URFCNational Underground Railroad Freedom Center (Cincinnati, OH)
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The system development and operational enhancements prepare the URFC system for a one year, 24/7 test period where the system will use solar energy to provide 12 kilowatt hours per day of power for hydrogen generation and electrical energy output.
The URFC demonstration unit, which was tested at the site for six months prior, consists of Proton's HOGEN(R) hydrogen generator, hydrogen storage tanks, a PEM fuel cell, and a Navy supplied solar photovoltaic array.
NASA selected Proton to demonstrate UNIGEN URFC systems as energy storage technology for zero-gravity and micro-gravity environments.
We are pleased with the successful integration and demonstration of our 1 kW UNIGEN URFC system under the NASA Phase II SBIR program.
Trent Molter, senior vice-president, technology and new business, observed, "The URFC architecture that Proton developed and demonstrated under this contract is revolutionary in that all moving parts were eliminated.