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URGUser Reference Group
URGUniversity Research Grant
URGUtility Retained Generation (utility industry)
URGYou Are Gay
URGUnderway Replenishment Group
URGUnder Represented Group
URGUniversity Research Glassware (Chapel Hill, NC)
URGUnited Recycler's Group
URGUniversity Residence Government
URGUnity Resource Group (private military company; Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
URGUniversal Radio Group
URGUnitary Reflection Group
URGUniversal Reference Grid
URGUnleaded Regular Gasoline
URGUnion Radioperiódicos de Guatemala (Union of Guatemalan Radio Shows)
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"Being a URG Licensee for more than 25 years has enabled us to grow the business.
President and CEO Scott Langley will continue to lead LIP and will refocus the firm's efforts on private investment and development opportunities, including opportunities with URG. He will also join the URG board of directors.
Na verdade, nao funciona, Existia integracao comigo com o PSF de "A" e o meu posto, o posto que eu atendo, Porque, as vezes, por conhecimento, eles sabem o meu turno, (os pacientes), entao, acontece de, as vezes, chegar aqui pacientes do "B" paciente do "C", onde eu trabalhei 15 anos, Mas, de fato, nao existe integracao dos PSF com a urgencia, (suj 6 urg)
0.305 -0.036 -0.558 * -0.622 * SUA 0.147 0.771 -0.491 * 0.142 hs-CRP -0.444 * 0.157 0.077 0.198 TS 0.26 -0.127 -0.181 -0.045 24h urine 0.51 * 0.601 * -0.577 * 0.212 collection Pdet urg 0.191 NA 0.505 NA CC 0.419 * NA -0.509 * NA Compliance 0.374 NA -0.314 NA Urinary Uric Acid Parameters mg/100ml GFR mg/1.73 [m.sup.2] MMC Ref MMC Ref Age (years) 0.579 * -0.39 -0.593 * -0.376 Height (cm) 0.594 * 0.042 -0.557 * -0.751 * Weight (kg) 0.576 * 0.118 -0.528 * -0.763 * BMI 0.474 * 0.224 -0.37 * -0.455 * S creat.
LaughingPanther began the story with Amy's first post: "'Urg,' I moan.
It was not before 1965 that both German states thoroughly reformed their respective copyright law: while the West German Gesetz tiber Urheberrecht und verwandte Schutzrechte (UrhG) came into force on 9 September 1965, the Eastern German pendant, the Gesetz iber das Urheberrecht (UrG), followed on 13 September.
Each index includes length (distance between laser and objects), angle (computed value based on the index and URG device configuration), and x and y (objects coordinates in Cartesian space).
With all the precincts reporting -- urg, I mean all eight publicly traded newspaper companies reporting -- it now appears that third-quarter ad revenue declined by about 5-1/2 percent compared to last year, with retail off about five percent, classified off seven percent and national plunging about 14 percent.
Three players left White Hart Lane yesterday, with the highest-profile deal seeing Rafael Van der Vaart move back to urg.
5-2 3S t NicholasA bbey.5-1 Owner GestutB urg Eberstein& TeruyaY oshida Trainer Peter Schiergen Jockey Andrasch Starke Groom Cynthia Atasoy Breeder GestutB rummerhof Distances nse,1 'l
The periphrastic means that express future in Salaca Livonian include the following verbs: tulla (1) 'come', urg 'begin', sad 'become', lid 'will' (copula).
(TSX: URE and NYSE Amex: URG), through a wholly owned subsidiary, are the members of The Bootheel Project LLC, which holds title to the Bootheel Property.