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URGUniversity Research Grant
URGUtility Retained Generation (utility industry)
URGYou Are Gay
URGUnderway Replenishment Group
URGUniversity Research Glassware (Chapel Hill, NC)
URGUnited Recycler's Group
URGUniversity Residence Government
URGUnity Resource Group (private military company; Dubai, United Arab Emirates)
URGUniversal Radio Group
URGUnitary Reflection Group
URGUniversal Reference Grid
URGUnleaded Regular Gasoline
URGUnion Radioperiódicos de Guatemala (Union of Guatemalan Radio Shows)
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The URG series is also highly stable under any environmental conditions including sulfuric atmosphere.
We waited until we were certain we had all the processes in place to handle a large volume of salvage vehicles," Sharon Galan, URG general manager, comments.
More information on the Premium Salvage program is available through URG at (303) 367-4391, ext.
In the last three years of program operation, 40% of URG funds went to the same 11 faculty members.
Non-participating departments and faculty members felt discriminated against and hopeless about obtaining URG funding.
Survey results indicated that, in general, faculty wanted the URG program to continue.
According to Gerry Cecil, business development specialist for Zurich's Global Automotive Industry in the Americas, Zurich has worked closely with URG members for many years by selling salvage vehicles to URG members, as well as purchasing used OEM parts from them to handle claims.
Cecil said, "It's exciting to now be recognized by URG as its preferred provider of business insurance because they have seen first hand our specialized and direct approach to providing quality insurance products in a consistent manner, which aligns with how they bring their products and services to market.
We work with GE Capital because they understand the franchise business as well as our vision for the company, said Tony Grillo, president and CEO of URG.
The estimate given by URG is a total of 560,000,000 board feet of Pine, 100,000,000 board feet of Evergreen and 80,000,000 board feet of Roble (teak alternative).
Both JAB and URG are committed to environmental protection and saving endangered species.
The Board of Directors of URG has recommended acceptance of this amended offer and have executed lock-up agreements agreeing to tender their URG shares to the offer.