URHUsb Root Hub
URHUniversity Residence Halls
URHUniversal Radio Head
URHUnité de Recherches sur les Herbivores (French: Research Unit on Herbivores; France)
URHUnion Régionale pour l'Habitat (French: Regional Union for Housing; Picardie, France)
URHUltra Rövid Hullám (Ultra Short Wave, Hungary)
URHUniversity Radio Hull (UK)
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iu] = Uso consuntivo del agua del cultivo i en la URH "u" ([m.
a = es el numertotal de URH dentro de la cuenca y corresponde a un valor fijo conocido
ixunb] = es el precio sombra de liberar un metro cubico de agua en el cultivo i, para el tipo de productor x en la URH "u" para el punto n de captacion ($/[m.
Rick Good, program manager for the FlexWave URH portfolio, will participate on the panel "DAS Compliance with Federal Regulations" on Tuesday, Oct.
We selected ADC's FlexWave URH system because it allows us to blanket a large indoor area like the Xcel Energy Center with multi-carrier coverage in a very cost-effective manner.
ADC's FlexWave URH systems provides focused in-building and urban coverage with easily-deployable units that can support multiple frequencies and wireless services while providing a platform for network sharing reducing the total cost of ownership in an unobtrusive package.
At the three convention venues, visitors will enjoy improved, gapless wireless coverage and capacity from wall-mounted FlexWave URH systems or, in some instances, systems mounted to catwalks throughout the facilities.
With its unique digital RF technologies, FlexWave URH is designed to allow carriers to combine multiple bands and multiple protocols over a single digital serial stream to a single radiating point, thereby expanding coverage and capacity while gaining significant savings in operating and capital expenses (OPEX and CAPEX).
FlexWave URH currently supports 1800 MHz DCS and 2100 MHz UMTS frequencies, with 900 MHz GSM to be supported in the third quarter.
Distributed URH solutions can be used for Near-Building applications that provide wireless coverage and capacity for surrounding outdoor public spaces from outdoor placements.
The FlexWave URH can support multiple frequency bands in a single radio head and offers flexible, scalable solutions to fit various applications from dense urban centers to dense suburban areas, from campuses to in-building applications, as well as subways and tunnels.
Providing a fronthaul link to the FlexWave URH, the FlexWave MMW offers the service provider a unique alternative to quickly deploy services where needed.