URHPUnited Register of Herbal Practitioners
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Altogether, it has been proved that the close associations exist between most of the operons, genes, or sRNAs within URHP and adaptability or virulence of H.
The 155 URHP genes and 54 genes with unknown functions of H.
Functional annotation of 155 genes within 79 URHP indicated that most of them are well-known pathogenic and adaptive associated ones, such as cag-pathogenicity island, babB, sabB, and ABC transporter, whereas there are still 54 genes of which the biological functions remain unclear.
Abbreviations MALT: Mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue NPHS: Non-pylori Helicobacter species T4SS: Type IV secretion system cagA: Cancer-associated gene toxin VacA: Vacuolating cytotoxin ORFs: Open reading frames COGs: Clusters of Orthologous Groups VFDB: Virulence factor database NR: Nonredundant URHP: Unique regions of H.