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URIsupper respiratory tract infections
URISUnions Régionales des Ingénieurs et Scientifiques (French: Regional Union of Engineers and Scientists)
URISUmwelt Rechts Informations System (German: Environmental Law Information System; database)
URISUnderwater Robotic Intelligent System (marine technology)
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One of the world's mostly widely used herbal preparations for the treatment of URIs is Esberitox[R] (SB-TOX), an immunomodulator that enhances the body's own immunoresistance.
Following the success of Exodus, Uris turned his attention to Ireland and wrote the epic novel Trinity which was set during the War of Independence in the 1920s.
Controversy helped Exodus sell when Uris was accused of libel for his depictions of Dr Wladislav Dering, whom the author identified as a war criminal.
Aside from working through some sticky legal issues involving contract construction and what law governed the dispute (the contract was signed in New York, the book was rewritten in Colorado, and the trial was in California), Bill ordered a complete background investigation of Uris.
Its heavy interlinking within the LOD cloud makes it a perfect resource to search URIs.
The Semantic Web is generally built on syntaxes which use URIs to represent data, usually in triples based structures: i.
Robert Horowitz, Cooper-Horowitz; Steve Simpkin, Paul Weiss Rifkind; Jane Lyons, Rhodes Associates; Michael Bebon, Commonwealthy Land Title; Harvey Uris, Skadden Arps; Evan Levy, Skadden Arps
WAPT run-time test data generation enables the values of request parameters and URIs calculated in a number of ways.
While extreme physical exertion is known to be associated with increased risk for URIs, this is one of few studies to evaluate the effects of low- and moderate-intensity physical activity.
Uris, needless to say, is not a candidate for admission to the Wisse canon, but he does provoke her to some of her classic utterances, such as: "Miscegenation is not just acceptable to Uris, it is the only kind of union that he allows.
URIs have three parts: Uniform Resource Locators (URLs), Uniform Resource Names (URNs), and Uniform Resource Characteristics (URCs), which are in different stages of development.
The most common style for "Web APIs" today is based on identifying entities using URIs and applying CRUD operations against those URIs via HTTP methods.