URISAUrban and Regional Information Systems Association
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URISA holds an annual conference that attracts GIS professionals and users from around the world, as well as a GIS Street Addressing Conference that focuses on street addressing standards and integrated emergency dispatch.
URISA and its members rely on several sources to ensure that we are keeping pace.
Because URISA membership is composed primarily of administrators and technical staff with an interest in information system technology, scholars have long relied on the rolls as a sampling frame for research (for example, Budic 1993; Kraemer and King 1977).
Sponsors: AM/FM International, URISA, UDMS, EGIS, GIS Brazil, GISIG, EUROGI, ESRI, Intergraph, EXPO 9.
Despite the clean-up of the original CIPS and URISA list, based on the returned surveys from Round One, 19 Round Two questionnaires were returned as `undeliverable'.
He is a pastpresident of URISA and founder and past-chair of URISA's GIS Management Institute.
This also includes the structure of the data (data model) which is outlined in the URISA paper by Paul Egesborg of CCCM, "Integrated Cadastral Management Project - Cadastral Data Model".
1) Also, on the first page of the January 1986 CLDS/SDTC Notes, there is an announcement of CGIS being presented in 1985 with a 'prestigious "Exemplary Systems in Government" award from the Urban and Regional Information System Association (URISA)', the first URISA ever awarded to a Canadian federal department for its 'technological excellence'.
The conference paper was prepared for the annual GIS and CAMA conference that is jointly sponsored by URISA and the International Association of Assessing Officers.
Stone, widely considered an expert in the geospatial industry, has served as speaker at dozens of industry gatherings and conferences over the past 15 years including Location Intelligence, ICSC, Retail Systems, URISA, NACREIF, and others.
Jochen Albrecht is a professor of computational and theoretical geography at Hunter College, CUNY, and a director on the Board of URISA.
In addition, Clemons is a recipient of URISA and GTC service awards and has been active for 22 years in transportation industry events and programming with AASHTO conferences and committees.