URMCUniversity of Rochester Medical Center (New York)
URMCUpson Regional Medical Center (Thomaston, Georgia)
URMCUnion Regional Medical Center (Union County, NC)
URMCUtility Risk Management Corporation (est. 2005; various locations)
URMCUnited Realty Management Corp. (Albany, NY)
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Bronze awards for team excellence: Highland Hospital, TLF Graphics, URMC Pediatric Asthma Team at Golisano Children's Hospital.
Monroe County Family Court, which provides remote access to Temporary Orders of Protection, using skype to issue orders while a patient is in URMC's care.
In the new study, which involved researchers from URMC and the Massachusetts Ear and Eye Infirmary, which is part of Harvard Medical School, the team tested the theory that signaling from the EGF family of receptors could play a role in cochlear regeneration in mammals.
Miller along with Katherine Reith, M.D., the study co-author and an Otolaryngology resident at URMC, studied tissue samples from 102 patients who had elective tonsillectomies.
For instance, women at the UCSF study center, who tended to be very well educated and had high income, had much lower BPA levels (median, 0.81 [micro]g/L) than women at the other TIDES study centers (URMC: 1.18 [micro]g/L; UMN: 1.11 [micro]g/L, UW: 0.91 [micro]g/L).
In 2008, it became apparent that the ordering behaviors of URMC physicians required a cultural transformation for proper use of laboratory diagnostics.
The following discussion outlines the ERP utilized at URMC and highlights the knowledge and roles assumed by nurses to assure effective implementation.
Calvi, associate professor Medicine at URMC. "During the first six weeks or so after a transplant, patients can easily acquire serious infections due to low blood counts.
The Functional Outcome Committee of the URMC Physical Therapy Department trialed several different outcome measures in an effort to find a test that would be appropriate at both evaluation and discharge for our acute care hospital patients.
Researchers at the University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC) in New York say rates of acute transfusion-related lung injury decreased 83% in the years since the center's implementation of universal leukoreduction, a process that filters white cells from donated blood to be used for transfusions.
The University of Rochester (N,Y.) Medical Center (URMC) has selected Voltage Security's SecureMail to ease and protect e-mail communications between employees, customers and partners.
will provide the University of Rochester Medical Center (URMC) with electrocardiographic (ECG) data that the medical center maintains will help researchers develop new methods to ensure the safety of experimental drugs.