URMSUnited Resources Marketing Services (various locations)
URMSUnited Raw Material Solutions (est. 2000; Taiwan)
URMSUniversity Research Management System (University of Sheffield)
URMSRoot Mean Square Velocity (chemistry)
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The Portland Bureau of Development Services is in the process of writing an ordinance to require signs and tenant notifications for unreinforced masonry (URM) buildings, as directed by a Portland City Council resolution issued in June.
However, only a few studies have examined the ways in which students from underrepresented minority (URM) populations are exposed to occupational therapists and physical therapists and whether that exposure generates reliable career information and interest.
Introductory courses in geoscience are more likely to attract URMs if the material is engaging (McDaris et al.
Optimization Techniques for URMS. Identification of the best mix of road preservation projects within a limited budget is considered an important element of road management system.
Instead, it will draw upon "Orientalism," a major theme of (P)CT, and how it specifically relates to Congolese URMs resettled in the Global North.
Still, in some fields such as math, computer science, and materials engineering, Black men are "single digits" or "missing persons," to quote the Sullivan Commission (2004), despite concerted efforts to broaden participation and increase URMs' success in STEM fields.
To assess how water motion (urms) and gamete compatibility ([F.sub.50]) influenced the percentage of eggs fertilized (PF) at each sampling location near the spawning female (water column, wake eddy, substrate, and aboral surface), we calculated a weighted mean whereby the PF at each time point was weighted by the sampling time.
While this need exists across racial and ethnic groups, underrepresented minority (URM) students are disproportionately less successful than non-URM students in completing STEM degrees (Leboy & Madden, 2012; President's Council, 2012).
McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement Program, my own doctoral experience in a chemistry program, and similar experiences of others URM graduate students found in the literature as examples of the social and cultural structures URMs experience at the doctoral level and the subsequent impact on degree completion.
First, to examine the reason (s) for the persistent shortage of URMs in the health professions and the associated barriers that they encounter in pursuing opportunities in the professions.
It demonstrates the continuing decline in representation of underrepresented minorities (URMs) in spite of these efforts, even as URMs have become the majority of all students in the state.