UROPUndergraduate Research Opportunities Program (MIT)
UROPUndergraduate Research Opportunity Program (U of M)
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The creation of a questionnaire is a long process, but current students in the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) continue to work on the reliability and validity of the ACES.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology's Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program has been around for over 30 years and is seen as "one of the most important means for students to foster mentoring relationships with faculty and research staff." By analyzing data obtained through semi-structured interviews and survey results, a typology of supervisors was formed to delineate whether students consider their UROP supervisor to be a mentor.
from the University of Colorado's UROP program and the Boettcher Foundation.
Prints (MIT urop assistance: John Rothenberg, Laura Cerritelli, and
Supported by the Life Sciences Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (LS UROP), University of Missouri-Columbia; MU Research Board (URB-99- 127 Lee); DHHS 1R21AI45469.
He deposited all on the banks, often far away from the present course of the river, because its water was dammed up by the gorges below Tapmange (the place where the Yupno river meets with the Kewien river) and below Urop (the place where the Daldal river flows into the Yupno river).
During my second year of classes in biomedical sciences at the University of Ottawa, I received a scholarship from the Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP) to further my explorations in soil science.
There was a man from Urop [a neighbouring village] with his wife [who had accompanied her sick son to the hospital], and the two of them said: 'Put your string-bag here, at the place for string-bags.' I put it down and went to the office.
Additionally, the researchers found positive trends for Hispanic and white students who participated in UROP during their sophomore year (1998, 66).
Her Retina Prints (MIT urop assistance: John Rothenberg, Laura Cerritelli, and Diana Ng) will be exhibited by the MIT Museum in Spring, 2001.