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URRUrea Reduction Ratio (urinary dialysis laboratory data)
URRUpstream Regulatory Region (human papillomavirus)
URRUnderground Railroad
URRUltimate Recoverable Reserves (natural resources)
URRUltimately Recoverable Resources (oil reserves)
URRUnion Railroad Company
URRUnconstrained Requirements Report
URRUnscheduled Removal Rate
URRUltra Reliable Radar
URRUgly Radio Rebellion (band)
URRUnit Readiness Report
URRUnexpired Risk Reserve
URRUpper Hatch Rail Retracted Auxiliary
URRUN Roulement Regiment (UK military)
URRUltra-Reliable Router
URRUtilities External Review (board)
URRUnresourced Requirement
URRUser Readiness Review
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No significant relationship between fatigue and other laboratory indicators was found (including hemoglobin, URR, and Kt/V).
This randomized control experimental study with a crossover design involved the independent variable of blood flow rate (Qb), measured in mL/min, and the dependent variable of dialysis clearance, measured by Kt/V and URR.
Following Galindo (2007), the policy variable, Tx, takes into account not only the URR rates but also the term for which they are effective and minimum stay periods.
The calculation of oil and gas URR is conducted by adding the accumulated production and recoverable reserves.
Although the NKF-K/DOQI (2006) guidelines suggested a minimum acceptable target of URR with 65%, in this study, the mean URR was 75%.
Direct measurement of URR has been proposed to be a simpler method of calculating dialysis dose and it is expressed as follows: URR = ([BUN.
Since 2008, surveillance of invasive bacterial diseases has been ongoing in Bansang Hospital in CRR and Basse Health Centre in URR (10).
8 Facility use of injectables All three injectable medications * 9 8 Epoetin (average units/month) ([dagger]) 93,598 86,610 Use of iron (average mg/month) ([dagger]) 302 250 Vitamin D (average mcg/month) ([dagger]) 53 48 Adherence to clinical guidelines Patients with HCT >33% (%) 94 92 Patients with URR >65% (%) 95 96 Large Chain FP Chain 3 NP Chain 4 Facility size (average no.
El objetivo de este articulo fue el de describir, analizar y discutir el abordaje de la malnutricion infantil vigente en URR, teniendo como marco conceptual el modelo Innovative Care for Chronic Conditions (ICCC) de la Organizacion Mundial de la Salud (OMS) (5-8), para sobre esta base proponer un modelo tendiente a superar los problemas identificados.
Kt/V and URR are calculated to determine dialysis adequacy of CRF patients.
The rivers Nith, Annan, Urr and Dee burst their banks and a floodwatch was also being kept on the River Nith at Whitesands, Dumfries.