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URRUrea Reduction Ratio (urinary dialysis laboratory data)
URRUpstream Regulatory Region (human papillomavirus)
URRUnderground Railroad
URRUltimate Recoverable Reserves (natural resources)
URRUltimately Recoverable Resources (oil reserves)
URRUnion Railroad Company
URRUnconstrained Requirements Report
URRUnscheduled Removal Rate
URRUltra Reliable Radar
URRUgly Radio Rebellion (band)
URRUnit Readiness Report
URRUnexpired Risk Reserve
URRUpper Hatch Rail Retracted Auxiliary
URRUN Roulement Regiment (UK military)
URRUltra-Reliable Router
URRUtilities External Review (board)
URRUnresourced Requirement
URRUser Readiness Review
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Following Galindo (2007), the policy variable, Tx, takes into account not only the URR rates but also the term for which they are effective and minimum stay periods.
Among children <5 years of age, the peak AR attained 83 and 47 cases per 100,000 persons per week in CRR and URR, respectively (Figure 1, panel B).
See work by Elbeil Wixom located in this collection for more detailed information on the URR route through the Finger Lakes region, which included Auburn and vicinity.
One reason URR is growing despite the world's continuing consumption of oil is that improved technology has allowed a far greater fraction of reserves to be extracted from oil fields.
Total patients (n=39) Mean [+ or -] SD Median Age (years) 46 [+ or -] 18 42 Duration of hemodialysis (months) 31 [+ or -] 35 18 Dialysis 280 [+ or -] 381 156 dose (sessions) URR % 58.
The URR is simply the percentage reduction in BUN that occurs from pretreatment values to postdialysis values.
Locals and visitors search the River Urr for the small flatfish, using their feet to `tramp' the water.
Locals and visitors search the River Urr for flounders, a small flat-fish, using their feet to 'tramp' the water.
This large range was the predominant reason for the large range in the precision with which the URR was estimated.
The 1994 CI Project results found substantial variability in the hematocrit level and the URR for hemodialysis patients in the U.
c) SNR, serum EIA nonreactive; SRR, serum EIA RR; URR, urine EIA RR.