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URRAUpper Rail Retracted Auxiliary
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When logistics turn into a business, it turns into a good deal and, today, whoever has dominion and control over the circulation of materials wins," says Urra.
In spite of continual repression, the Embera Katio were able to force the Urra corporation and the Colombian government to sign an agreement for compensation for Urra's damages to their community and territorial integrity on 19 April, 2000.
Embera-Katio people of Colombia march 700km to Bogota to protest construction of the Urra Dam, which will flood 7,400 hectares.
The malaria rate increase followed the construction of a massive hydro-electric dam built on the river by the multinational Urra consortium.
A month before his death, Mario helped organize a forum questioning the impact of the Urra dam and reservoir project on the livelihood of indigenous and peasant communities in the Cordoba department where he had worked as a priest.
Jose Miguel Urra (1), (a), Miguel de la Torre (2), Roberto Alcazar (2) and Ramon Peces (2)
Continuing ahead at the next junction of routes we can pick out the hamlet of Urra, below on our left, and we cross a gully before a series of stone slabs provide firm footing across marshy ground.
Correspondencia: Javier Urra, Facultad de Psicologia, Universidad Complutense de Madrid, 28007 Madrid (Espana).
100 Location: Oxford Community Arts Center Address: College St City: Oxford Date: 4/12/06 Event Time: 6:00PM Town Hall leader: Dan Urra, Coalition Administrator Perrysburg, Ohio Organization Name: Prevention Partners of Wood County Email: skramer@prevention-partners.
Martinez-Martin P, Garcia Urra D, Balseiro Gomez J: Timed tests in Parkinson's disease evaluation.