URRCUnited Resource Recovery Corporation (recycling company)
URRCUbon Rice Research Center (Thailand)
URRCUpland Rice Research Consortium (various nations)
URRCUrban Recreation Research Center (est. 1998)
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URRC has developed patented and proprietary technologies for plastics recycling and has licensed the technology for client processes in eight locations around the world.
The recyclate produced in the HybridUnPET (the patented URRC process) can be re-used in a direct blend for making new preforms.
In 1994, URRC completely revolutionized the PET recycling industry by developing and patenting the world renown Hybrid UnPET process for chemically super-cleaning PET flake for cost efficient food grade packaging.
URRC has a patented process for food-grade PET bottle-to-bottle recycling.
Since then, Coca-Cola has worked with URRC and other partners to accelerate the development and commercialization of environmentally-efficient and sustainable recycling technologies throughout the world.