URRNUniform Regional Rice Nursery
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We observed that cultivars carrying the Pi-b resistance gene display different levels of resistance to race IB-49 on the basis of the blast isolate used for inoculation (McClung et al., 2004b; compiled URRN blast reaction data, 1995-2003).
The average days from emergence to 50% heading for Dellmati is 82 d as compared with 89 d for Della and 91 d for Cypress (URRN 1995-1998).
In the URRN tests grown in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas and in statewide multilocation tests in Louisiana during 1995 through 1998, the average height of Dellmati was 119 cm, whereas Della and Cypress were 132 and 99 cm, respectively.
In the URRN grown in Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Texas from 1997-1999, the average height of Earl was 107 cm and that of Bengal was 99 cm.
In the URRN grown in Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Texas from 1995-1997, the average height of Cocodrie was 96 cm and that of Cypress, `Drew', and `Jodon' was 96, 113, and 98 em, respectively.
The average crop yield of Cocodrie in the URRN from 1995 to 1997 was 8481 kg [ha.sup.-1], compared with 8174 for Drew, 8110 for Cypress, and 7498 for Jodon.