URSBUniversity of Redlands School of Business (Redlands, CA)
URSBUganda Registration Services Bureau (Ministry of Justice and Constitutional Affairs)
URSBUtility Radiological Safety Board (Ohio)
URSBUrban Rehabilitation Standards Board (Dallas, TX)
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After two inspections, the buildings were determined to require $200,000 in repairs, and the matter was referred to the Urban Rehabilitation Standards Board (URSB).
Barlow's (1978) on the basis that the Dallas owner had already had administrative adjudication when URSB indicated noncompliance; also, URSB had satisfactory procedures for limiting its discretion instead of the unbridled discretion exercised by field inspectors in the other cases.
The multi-sector agencies are: Uganda Bureau of Statistics (UBOS), Uganda Registration Services Bureau (URSB), Electoral Commission (EC) and National Information Technology-Uganda (NITA-U).