URSUUniversity of Regina Students' Union
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Ursu - meaning bear in Romanian - was already aged around seven when his photo caught Sarah's eye on a UK animal website in late 2014.
Ursu, 32, of Redmead Road, Hayes, London, was sentenced to eight weeks in prison and fined PS450.
Ana Ursu, 23, of Queen Mary's Road, Foleshill, Coventry, admitted driving with no insurance.
Este pequeno libro, que acude abundantemente a las fuentes magisteriales, asi como a la legislacion particular de la Conferencia episcopal italiana y a muchos canonistas, entre los que destacan Salachas y Ursu, tiene el merito de la claridad, con unos cuadros sinopticos (pp.
The modern control techniques used for the servo-actuators behaviour improvement are generally based on fuzzy logic (Precup & Preitl 2005), (Ursu et.
Borja F, Gonzalez R, Rodriguez N, Ursu M, Varela C, Vukusich A.Spontaneous dissection of the renal artery and kidney infarction: report of two cases.
Salt water and mud are extracted from Heliothermal Ursu lake and contain human-like estrogen and progesterone hormones liberated by Artemia salina, which improves significantly the hormonal status of the body.
Eight of the stories are by male authors, and there is a noticeable lack of female characters throughout the collection, although "Max Swings for the Fences," by Anne Ursu, one of the two contributions by a female author, features a humorous battle of the sexes.
With poems that span the world, this newest collection of poetry by Romanian poet Ursu is electrifying.
The work of the Croat Slavenka Drakulic and Dubravka Ugresic, of the Polish Kinga Dunin, the Russian Tatiana Tolstaya, and the Romanian Liliana Ursu, Gabriela Melinescu, Adina Kenere?, and Carmen-Francesca Banciu, to mention just a few, addresses a great mix of issues, both political and social, having to do with life under the defunct communist regimes as well as with gender and ethnic issues both at home and in the adoptive cultures.
Similar concerns have been expressed by Alin Ursu, director of "Angelli Spumante & Aperitive", soft drinks producer with a EUR 14 M turnover for 2009.