URTAUniversity/Resident Theatre Association (New York, NY)
URTAUtah Rural Telecom Association
URTAUnion of Road Transport Associations
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Paris, (SANA)-The Syrian Radio was awarded with the bronze medal by the Paris-based International Radio&TV Union (URTA).
That's where the Utah Rural Technology Association (URTA) comes into play.
In China (where the word "eclipse" was derived from the verb "eat") it was a dragon, whilst in Hindu mythology the malevolent spirit was Urta, the demon snake.
"La ricerca delle strutture del linguaggio buriesco," observes Silvia Longhi, "urta contro una superficie mistificante e ingannevole" (The search for the structures of burlesque language collides with a mystifying and deceptive surface).(25) Given its scurrilous content and linguistic complexity, we can derive a more critical appreciation of Bronzino's poetry by examining the ways in which obscene meanings are created and exploring the ways in which multiple meanings are encoded into these works.
Evidentemente la mia opera di romanziere e di poeta urta non soltanto i moralisti, o non soltanto i qualunquisti ma gli uni e gli altri.
The department said in a press statement that settlers had unprecedented power over Palestinian land, having recently attacked the northern villages of Urta, Tel, and Burin, as well as the surrounding areas of Nablus, Salfit, Ramallah, Bethlehem, Hebron, Jenin, and Qalqiliya.
Edmondo De Amicis lamented the state of the city's ruins and monuments, which under the Popes had been pillaged and left to crumble--"una stonatura che urta. Non si puo passar di la senza provare un moto d'indignazione" ("a jarring, clashing note.
And they're part of a cooperative called the Utah Rural Telecom Association (URTA).