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URWUnreal World (roguelike game)
URWUnited Rubber Workers
URWYou Are Welcome
URWUniversity Resources for Women (est. 1979; Illinois)
URWUnternehmensberatung Rubow Weber (German: Rubow Weber Consulting)
URWUn-Remarried Widow (United States)
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The Russian contingent was led by two activists who had come to the forefront of Russian community affairs in the course of the previous two years, Alexander Zuzenko, the secretary of the URW since the previous August and editor of its fortnightly newspaper Znanie i edinenie (published in English from December 1918 as Knowledge and Unity), and Bykoff, who often used the name 'A.
A figura 12 mostra, em A, as letras h e b produzidas na fonte SIL DoulosL Italic e, em B, as mesmas letras na URW Garamond No 8 Italic.
The Crystal URW inks are designed for use on display graphics and other applications, such as packaging printing in digital presses, that use drop-on-demand inkjet print heads.
When Bridgestone acquired the plant, it assumed Firestone's workforce with a commitment to recall those on layoff--a workforce that had become disillusioned with Firestone management, had organized with the URW in 1979, and had suffered layoffs during 1982.
GeoWorks features outline font technology called Nimbus Q from Digital Typeface Corporation and typefaces from URW that include Nimbus Roman, Nimbus San, Nimbus Mono, Century Schoolbook, Franklin Gothic, Cooper Black, and Broadway.
Bitstream, Agfa-Compugraphic, URW, Atech, Glyphx, MicroLogic and several other companies have helped fill this gap by creating proprietary font engines that support graphical applications.
By then the war in Europe had stimulated demand for rubber products, and the URW had launched an aggressive organizing drive.
During the past year, Sun Chemical launched Kohl & Madden's Liberty sheetfed inks, a breakthrough VOC-free technology that allows inks to stay open on press without drying for days, and which will dry virtually instantaneously once printed on substrate; Sun Jet Crystal URW UV curing white inks for inkjet printing; and SunJet Crystal SOV inks, which are approved by Xaar for use with their inkjet printheads.
KantStik UR and URW nonsilicone, solvent or water-based products for use when molding rigid and flexible PUR foam, as well as PUR elastomer parts.
The current URW membership of 98,000 is down from a peak of 180,000 in 1980, while USA membership has steadily fallen from more than 1 million in 1980 to its current level of 565,000.
It will be interesting to see how this is going to impact the company basically forced the URW into the USW.
The merger gives URW members access to the USA strike fund, currently at $162 million.