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Reflecting on the credit card campaign, Ed Mierzwinski, Consumer Program Director for US PIRG and ACCI's 2010 Colston Warne Lecturer, felt that there had to be a better way of going about reform.
"We're disappointed with the proposal for student loan interest rates" says US PIRG's Senack.
(10) Only because US PIRG and other leading groups had the foresight to establish Americans for Financial Reform, a new and unprecedented coalition of labor, civil rights, small business, consumer and senior organizations, and because the President and Elizabeth Warren are providing Washington with the moral leadership it often lacks, do we have a chance to enact meaningful Wall Street reform.
But a market-based framework may increase rates over time for students who already face record levels of debt, says Ethan Senack, higher education advocate at US PIRG. "We need more college graduates, and they need to carry less debt," he says.
Two leading reform groups, Public Campaign and US PIRG, are against any such trade-off, but others, like the business-driven Committee for Economic Development, are for it, with Common Cause somewhere in between.
"You have hundreds of thousands of students on the tipping point" of not being able to pay for college, added Rich Williams, higher education advocate for US PIRG. "The American public understands that student loan debt has skyrocketed and college costs are increasing," he told Diverse.
State and local groups allied with USAction, Families USA, Public Citizen, US PIRG, the National Women's Health Network and unions planned demos during the July 4 holidays to push Congress to declare its independence from drug-industry campaign cash.
"Student debt is increasing, and there is a lack of clear, concise information that actually helps students make the best financial choices," said Rich Williams, higher education advocate at US PIRG.
and its member unions, the New Party, Citizen Action, ACORN, Greenpeace, Clean Water Action, US PIRG, NECARC, the N.A.A.C.P.
"This is the big one," said Rich Williams, higher education advocate for US PIRG. He told Diverse that the rate change could affect 8 million students and their families.
Funded at $64 million annually, LEAP was able to leverage state funding of dose to $1 billion, says Rich Williams, higher education advocate at US PIRG.
Despite proposing tough choices, the administration is "keeping the Pell Grant program viable for the millions of students who rely on it to pay for college," says Rich Williams, a higher education advocate for US PIRG. "Something has to be done to keep the program sustainable for the longterm."