USAACUnited States Army Air Corps
USAACUnited States Army Accessions Command (US Army)
USAACUnited States Army Ambulance Corps (WWI)
USAACUSArray Advisory Committee
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(10) The field was one of a number built by the USAAC in the state prior to the U.S.
The command was established on January 23, 1942, by the Office of the Chief of USAAC, as part of the expansion of the training department of the Corps.
(51) Daniel began his military service with the USAAC in the 1920's following his graduation from the University of Missouri in the early 1920s.
"Hap" Arnold, who became Chief of the USAAC on September 29.
Committing the USAAC to train more pilots required considerable expansion of USAAC infrastructure.
One answer was for the USAAC to simply build new airfields and schools and use only Air Corps instructors.
However, he needed to determine if they were willing and able to assist the USAAC. In October 1938, Arnold met with Oliver Parks, president of Parks College in St, Louis, Missouri, Corliss C.
After inspecting civilian facilities and observing training methods, the Board recommended that the USAAC implement a pilot mission or plan that would produce 4,500 pilots over the next two years, commencing July 1,1939.
Meanwhile, there were questions inside and outside of the military about what the civilian contractors could accomplish for the USAAC. There were certainly doubts on the part of the contractors who worried about the financial aspect of the scheme.
Roosevelt and the Chief of the Army Air Corps (USAAC, Army Air Forces as of May 1941), General "Hap" Arnold, with the blessing of the Army Chief of Staff, General Marshall.
standards and discipline since half of the trainees at each school were USAAC personnel.
Army Air Corps (USAAC), for a high-altitude manned balloon flight.