USAAFUnited States Army Air Forces
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Fierce fighting finally secured airfields on Guadalcanal in 1943 from which USAAF pilots of the 347th Fighter Group flying P-38s exacted revenge on the architect of the Pearl Harbor attack, Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto, commander of the Imperial Japanese Navy.
The worst loss ever suffered by the USAAF in a single mission, it's became known as Black Sunday - five Medals of Honour and a number of Distinguished Service Crosses (DSC) were awarded to Operation Tidal Wave crew members.
Written by USAAF veteran Ray Ward, March Into The Endless Mountains: The Beginnings of War on the Western Frontier of America is a historical novel about the years leading up to the Revolutionary War on America's frontier.
As a tribute to Glenn's USAAF Band and remembering the great concerts Glenn gave in Europe during the Second World War, the second half of the show is performed in US Army Airforce uniforms!
For example, the book mentions Chennault's retirement from the "US Army Air Force (USAAF)" and his subsequent travel to China "in 1939," identifies Stilwell's political advisor as "John D.
The aircraft remained operational there until the 8th Air Force of the USAAF was posted to Duxford, and the last Spitfires left departed in March 1943.
'Big Week' in February 1944 demonstrated that the USAAF had established a numerical and qualitative advantage over the Luftwaffe, but even till the very end of the war the USAAF could not guarantee the safety of its heavy bombers from Luftwaffe fighter attacks, let alone protect them from flak.
When their base is flattened by Messerschmitts, raw USAAF B17 recruits are forced to share an RAF base with a squadron of hotshot young Spitfire pilots led by Archie Bunting.
He also lays to rest the myth that the RAF alone was guilty of mass slaughter because the USAAF could drop their bombs with pinpoint accuracy - a claim that had more to do with allaying the fears of a queasy public back in America than with the facts.
The USAAF established the VIII AFSC to provide the Eighth's combat units with supply, intermediate- and depot-level maintenance, and transportation support.
Army was reorganized into three branches: Air, Ground, and Supply, resulting in the creation of the US Army Air Force (USAAF) on June 20, 1941.
At its heart is a love triangle between Rose and her husband Michael Coyne, played by Owen McDonnell, and the charming USAAF liaison officer, Captain Dreyfuss, played by Staton.