USAASCUnited States Army Acquisition Support Center
USAASCUnited States Army Aviation Systems Command
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USAASC provides resource, personnel, program, and force structure guidance to the program executive offices, direct reporting program managers, and other acquisition elements on USAASC's table of distribution and allowances.
To draw from the existing expertise and capabilities of other DA and DOD acquisition organizations involved in institutional contracting training, training support, and doctrine, the 51C proponent functions and personnel are located within various DOD agencies, including the USAASC headquarters, ASA(ALT) Integration Office, 37th Training Wing (U.
Commands and agencies that play a vital role in supporting, training, assigning, providing doctrine for, deploying, and developing the AL&T NCO Corps, in addition to USAASC and DAU, include the--
USAASC has developed and will implement career progression standards and a professional development model for AL&T contracting NCOs.