USABCUnited States Advanced Battery Consortium
USABCUniversity of South Alabama Baldwin County (Fairhope, AL)
USABCUS-Asian Business Council
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USABC is a subsidiary of the United States Council for Automotive Research LLC (USCAR).
The USABC program aims to produce a cost-competitive, lithium ion battery that is lighter, smaller and higher in power than existing battery technologies for hybrid electric vehicles.
EnerDel expects to deliver the next set of sample battery cells to the USABC in the next few months.
USABC is a consortium of the United States Council for Automotive Research (USCAR).
The 36-month lithium-ion layered-layered cathode/silicon-based anode program will focus on the development of high-energy cathode and anode material appropriate for vehicle applications and the development and scale up of pouch cells that exhibit performance metrics that exceed the minimum USABC targets EVs, according to USABC.
The USABC is an industry group that pursues research and development on advanced energy systems to boost the range and performance of future electric and hybrid electric vehicles.
This opportunity with USABC to develop an auto-specific module will enable us to strengthen our credentials as a supplier of mainstream energy storage systems.
The competitively bid contract Cobasys award from USABC is co-funded by the U.
Envia recently secured development grants from USABC totaling $3.
The recognition of our work and subsequent awarding of a contract by USABC is a testament to our dedication and a major milestone for us," said Marc Kohler, director of product management for ActaCell.
65 million contract for a three-year project to develop a high-energy cathode material for vehicle applications and pouch cells that exhibit performance metrics that meet or exceed the minimum USABC EV goals.
Additionally, ActaCell was awarded a $179, 015, 16-month technology assessment of high-power cells to meet requirements specified by USABC for power-assist hybrid-electric vehicle (PAHEV) applications.