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USACUnited States Auto Club
USACUniversidad de San Carlos (University of San Carlos, Guatemala)
USACUniversal Service Administrative Company
USACUS Airways Center (Phoenix, Arizona)
USACUnited States Army Corps
USACUnited States Atlantic Coast
USACUtrechtsche Studenten Alpenclub (Utrecht, Netherlands)
USACUnited States Auto-Sound Challenge
USACUnited Seniors of Athens County, Inc. (Ohio)
USACUnited States Alpine Club
USACUnited States Army Cadet Corps
USACUnited States of America Cycling (Colorado Springs, CO)
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3 million barrels, with the USAC heating oil stock level unchanged at 31.
Sullivan shared that an area that has attracted a significant level of attention from the USAC auditors was that of transactions made by ILECs with affiliated companies.
The OIG, in its "October 2007 Semiannual Report to Congress," said it had completed its first round of USAC audits of 459 randomly selected beneficiaries and contributors to the four USF programs: schools and libraries, low-income, rural health care and high-cost.
and Tracy Hines will be entered in the USAC Midget portion of the Turkey Night Grand Prix.
On November 30, USAC announced that it had been working closely with the FCC since then and had determined the amount of "unobligated cash" it has available to cover new commitments.
A force that contributed to a drop in E-rate coffers was a new cap on USAC collections from telecommunications companies from August to November 2004.
The program was created by Congress in the Telecommunications Act of 1996 and is administered by USAC, a non-profit corporation, under the auspices of the FCC.
It turns out Stewart, who drives for Joe Gibbs Racing on the NASCAR Nextel Cup Series, was trying to make his first USAC race of the year.
They will have the ability to produce records, documents and evidence to demonstrate adherence to FCC rules and USAC procedures implementing the rules.
To prepare for the milling of the Los Juarez open-pit mine production, USAC installed a large jaw crusher and feeder, a larger cone crusher, more equipment to increase recovery as well as a recycle water system, and other equipment to enhance compliance and safety.
It turns out Stewart was trying to make his first USAC race of the year.
The addition of the first USAC National Midget Series races in Texas in nearly a half century is sure to attract open-wheel race fans and expose Texans to another exciting form of racing.