USACBRNSUnited States Army Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear School
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USACBRNS is engaged in collaborative exercises, training events, and forums to inform the community.
The Vice Chief of Staff of the Army recently approved two scholarship proposals from USACBRNS.
USACBRNS has partnered with the Missouri State University Department of Defense and Strategic Studies, Washington, D.
Phase II This branch-specific resident phase consists (Course 4-3- of 2 weeks of training conducted at USACBRNS.
D, T) The Joint Experimentation and Analysis Division, USACBRNS, conducted a tactical decontamination line of effort in April 2016, and results were used to create a 14-step procedure for maneuver forces to conduct extended immediate decontamination in lieu of operational or thorough decontamination.
O, M) In the coming months, the USACBRNS team will work with the Army staff to review critical CBRN capabilities and requirements through the new Strategic Portfolio Analysis Review (SPAR).
Personnel, D, M) USACBRNS is currently guiding, facilitating, and integrating learning for Army missions in support of homeland defense and defense support to civil authorities (DSCA) requirements.
The USACBRNS will submit a military occupational classification and structure proposal to solidify chief warrant officer four positions.
LOE 2, Personnel) USACBRNS is broadening assignment opportunities (with the Joint Program Executive Office, the Edgewood Chemical Biological Center, and the Oakridge Laboratory) for chief warrant officer three ranks.
Bonner became the 29th Chief of Chemical and commandant of USACBRNS.
Spoehr, our 24th Chief of Chemical and Commandant of USACBRNS, will retire after 36 years of service to our Regiment, our Army, and our Nation.
However, I believe that the measures currently being emplaced by USACBRNS will meet this challenge in the near- and mid-term.