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USACHPPMUnited States Army Center for Health Promotion and Preventive Medicine
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The USACHPPM team is key to the medical support of combat forces and the military managed-care system.
0 scale were assigned to each criteria in each matrix after consultation with the Deployment Data Archiving and Policy Integration Program Manager, USACHPPM (U.
The Injury Prevention Program at USACHPPM identified and evaluated medical and nonmedical data systems for their potential contribution to centralized, systematic DNBI surveillance.
USACHPPM 47-MA-08PV-08; AFIOH IOHRS-BR-TR-2008-0001.
The Army Surgeon General designated the USACHPPM (now the US Army Public Health Command) as the lead agent of the HHA process in 1985, with the primary goal of identifying health hazards, assigning risk, and providing recommendations to eliminate or control those health hazards associated with the life cycle management of weapons, equipment, clothing, training devices, and other materiel systems.
The decision was quickly made to assemble a special scientific team from within USACHPPM and expedite its dispatch to Iraq in order to perform a thorough field assessment and communicate the risks to the US forces deployed there.
The request for a special medical augmentation response team was received by USACHPPM, and a SMART-PM staffed with personnel appropriate to the situation was formed.
Archive completed waterworks and pest management COR checklists in the USACHPPM occupational and environmental health surveillance data archive.
Contact USACHPPM ([dagger]) to receive information on that site/location, using the Global Threat Assessment Program.