USACOMUniversity of South Alabama College of Medicine
USACOMUnited States Atlantic Command
USACOMUnited States Army Communications
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During his brief two-and-a-half-year tenure at USACOM, he recognized the value of computers in organizing medical knowledge.
Once integrated, USACOM holds the potential for establishing a sorely needed joint task force for IO that is responsive to combatant CINCs.
2]WC Joint Command and Control Warfare Center JCMA Joint COMSEC Monitoring Activity JIWC Joint Information Warfare Center JSC Joint Spectrum Center JWAC Joint Analysis Center JWFC Joint Warfighting Center LAN Local area networks LIWA Land Information Warfare Agency MAJCOM Major command MOOTW Military operations other than war NAF Numbered Air Force NCA National Command Authorities NIWA Navy Information Warfare Activity NDP National Defense Panel PCCIP President's Commission on Critical Infrastructure Protection PE Program element PSYOP Psychological operations RMA Revolution in military affairs SOC Special Operations Command USACOM United States Atlantic Command USAF United States Air Force
As these events were conducted by a variety of commands (USEUCOM, USPACOM, USACOM, USCENTCOM, and the national guards from the SPP states), there was little focus to the individual military contact plans.
USACOM, which had already hosted Kyrgyz and Uzbek detachments at Fort Polk, Louisiana, for Cooperative Nugget 95, a peacekeeping and refugee assistance exercise, stepped forward to lead the US participation.
USACOM repeated the exercise in September 1998, this time with 259 soldiers from the 10th Mountain Division from Fort Drum, New York, and 272 members of CENTRASBAT.
These exercises, conducted by USACOM, soon became a routine part of the growing military cooperation program during this period, and the three nations generally sent elements of their CENTRASBAT unit to participate.
Second, the 1999 publication of the revised Unified Command Plan (UCP) assigned the diverse military contact and exercise efforts of the USEUCOM, the USACOM, and the USPACOM to the USCENTCOM.
Support from the UN Secretariat after the transition, supplemented by USACOM, has been satisfactory.