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USADAUnited States Anti-Doping Agency
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Recent studies show widespread support for legislation that would enable USADA to provide uniform drug and medication regulation.
USADA has neither con-firmed or denied investigations into the NOP,but allegations have been made by a number of the camp's former athletes and staff.
We appreciate Tyson doing the right thing by immediately withdrawing from competition once he was notified, accepting responsibility for his decisions, and fully and truthfully cooperating with us in our ongoing investigation into the circumstances surrounding his case," USADA CEO Travis Tygart had said.
Commenting on the case, USA Track and Field chief executive Max Siegel said: "USA Track and Field is strongly opposed to doping, and we respect the work that USADA has done.
Keep cleaning up the sport USADA, there are many more cheats out there.
Eleven of Armstrong's former team-mates testified to USADA about his doping regime, in which they had been involved.
I never would have betrayed that with her," said Armstrong, who maintains the last time he doped was during his 2005 Tour de France win, despite evidence to the contrary in the USADA reasoned decision, published last October.
The USADA deal would only have stripped him of his 2004 and 2005 titles.
The USADA report was the final straw," he added later at a news conference televised live in the Netherlands.
The cyclist, named by USADA as being a central figure in a major doping scheme by the US Postal team, had told a court in Dallas under oath in 2005 he had never taken banned drugs.
Armstrong, who recovered from cancer to dominate professional cycling, has been stripped of his seven Tour de France titles - although his lawyers have described the USADA report as "a farce".
What remained of the Texan cyclist's reputation lay in tatters last night after USADA released their 'reasoned decision' behind their decision to strip him of his seven Tour de France titles and hand him a lifetime ban.