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USAECUnited States Atomic Energy Commission
USAECUnited States Army Environmental Center
USAECUnited States Army Environmental Command (formerly United States Army Environmental Center)
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2) The USAEC leads and executes environmental programs and provides environmental expertise that enables Army training, operations, acquisition, and sustainable military communities.
USAEC has developed and sustains a team of environmental professionals dedicated and empowered to accomplish the mission through the support of military installations.
Ben left the USAEC in 1974 to co-found Fusion Systems Corporation, which brought revolutionary ultraviolet-based curing technology to the packaging industry, the first and most famous of which was for fast drying of labels on Coors beer cans.
Based on the track record of performance-based contracting so far, USAEC estimates that a minimum of $45 million in costs will be eliminated from the projected contract awards for fiscal year 2006.
For more information on this and other environmental programs, see the USAEC Web site at <http://aec.
And, to permit many of the old structures to continue to be used, many had been fitted with reusable modern siding, double-paned windows and heating and air-conditioning systems, said Edward Engbert, a USAEC solid-waste technology specialist.
Neil Gordon, UK director of the USAEC, has assured buyers of sufficient fruit for full export programmes if duties were eased.
Given the vastness of the task, USAEC took a team approach, bringing together organizations with the necessary technical and project management experience.
Houston, Cynthia, "Army Plans 21 st Century Environmental Transformation," USAEC Environmental Update, (http://www.
Pink Lady, grown in California which is also part of the USAEC, reports a 31% shortfall for all varieties.
We appreciate the fact that USAEC has selected ARCADIS for this contract," said Steve Blake, CEO of ARCADIS G&M.
Cerar serves as the Technical Director of USAEC at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland, where he manages conservation, restoration, compliance, and pollution prevention activities and related program operations in support of the Army's environmental programs.