USAFIKUS Army Forces in Korea (South Korea)
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They [the communists] have robbed the people of their property by the use of arms and placed the nation into chaos under the beautiful name of 'Republic'" (USAFIK 1947/1948, vol.
Let us tear down the People's Republic, namely the Korean Communists" (USAFIK 1946a).
We are now determined to eliminate the Fascist Provisional Government which is planning to divide the people, and we are determined to make the utmost effort to bring about the democratic unification of the people" (USAFIK 1946a; emphasis added).
On June 15, 1946, an editorial in a conservative newspaper, Hyondae ilbo, stated that the existence of anti-Russian sentiment and the lack of anti-US sentiment resulted from "the Russian policy of 'driving out' the pro-Japanese and traitors, whereas the Americans treated all Koreans alike; Koreans who had prayed for the Japanese defeat were naturally thankful to the Americans while the pro-Japanese elements were also glad that they were not punished" (USAFIK 1946b).
(7.) The US authorities thus believed that the sudden and complete change of the leftist stance on trusteeship was ordered by the Russians in the north (USAFIK 1947/1948, vol.
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