USAFSAMUnited States Air Force School of Aerospace Medicine
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The entire mission was part of the hands-on training during which USAFSAM exposes students from around the world to various types of wartime injuries and the realism of flying on Air Force cargo aircraft during an aeromedical evacuation mission, all while safely at ground level in Building 840 at Wright Patterson AFB.
The High Bay in Building 840 houses two C-130 mockups as well as a C-17 mockup, to accommodate the Flight Nurse and Aeromedical Evacuation Technician Course and other aeromedical evacuation courses at USAFSAM.
USAFSAM quickly realized the paperwork generated by the TRAC2ES system to manage patient movement and guide treatment while in-transit could be used as a real-time, real-world, training tool for their students.
She adds that the USAFSAM Flight Nurse and Aeromedical Technician Course not only enables students to go into a high stress, but low-threat, environment where they are free to make mistakes and learn from them without having to worry about injuring a real patient.
For acceptability, or the willingness to participate in the surveillance system, data transmission to the ESSENCE server was automated, and personnel at the Academy and USAFSAM had passwords, although cumbersome to attain and maintain, to use ESSENCE in their daily operations.
After USAFSAM judged that the ILI PVP of the surveillance system was too low to distinguish actual outbreaks, the addition of a measured body temperature [greater than or equal to]100.0[degrees]F ([greater than or equal to]37.8[degrees]C) to the ESSENCE case definition was evaluated to determine whether PVP, and potentially sensitivity, could be improved.
Created in 1990, the Epi Lab, as it is referred to at USAFSAM, focuses on clinical diagnostic, public health testing and force health screening, performing 5,000 to 8,000 tests six days a week (or about 2.1 million tests a year) for clinics and hospitals treating active duty service members, reservists and National Guard members and their dependents and beneficiaries.
Of the data the CDC gathers to formulate each season's influenza vaccine, 25 percent comes from gene sequencing performed at USAFSAM.
According to Macias, the capabilities and efficiency of the Epi Lab not only supports force readiness, but establishes the Public Health Department of USAFSAM as a key partner with civilian public health agencies, contributing to the overall health of the general population.
Medical samples from across the globe tested at USAFSAM's Epi Lab March 27, 2018 By J.M.
To help improve surveillance methods on the mosquitoes that cause diseases such as chikungunya, dengue fever and the Zika virus, USAFSAM also has Biogen Sentinel 2 mosquito traps set up at an Air National Guard base in Puerto Rico and a cooperative security locationon the island of Curacao.
USAFSAM's IHS chief also serves as program director for the six-month-long course entitled Advanced Aerospace Medicine for International Medical Officers, offered annually and attended by 15 or more international flight surgeons who are rising stars in their home nation's military.