USAFSSUnited States Air Force Security Service
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Immediately upon the outbreak of the war, USAFSS Airmen began developing innovative ways to get intelligence to the war fighter.
Seeking to move intelligence directly to the cockpit, in February 1953 the USAFSS installed a COMINT collection position on a C-47 airborne tactical air control center.
The final effort by the USAFSS to supply airborne COMINT directly to the war fighter occurred in a project known as Blue Sky.
Successful operations of the USAFSS's detachments during the Korean War made possible the delivery of sanitized COMINT to the war fighter.
(46) Visiting the RC-135M Rivet Card crews in Japan, they discovered that the aircraft could pass its collection to the USAFSS's 6929th Security Squadron at Osan, Korea, which could then relay it to the Teaball van at Nakhon Phanom via secure communications.
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