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USAICUnited States Army Intelligence Center
USAICUnited States Army Infantry Center
USAICUnited States Apparel Industry Council
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For more than three years, Stanley personnel have supported the USAIC in a wide spectrum of development and training activities and we appreciate the customer's continued confidence in our performance.
Upon completion of the following USAIC programs, transfer credit above and beyond what is already recommended by the American Council on Education will be awarded toward AMU's bachelor's of Intelligence Studies degree as follows:
PM SEQ then provided the seven best body armor candidates available on the market, along with three systems that covered the legs and arms, to SBL to assess against stringent capabilities outlined by USAIC DCD.
Over the remainder of the 1990s, USAIC continued to train MI soldiers in more than 40 basic specialty and NCO courses.
Coordinate within USAIC and TRADOC to address issues.
He currently is contracted as a project officer for the Small Arms Division, Directorale of Combat Developments, USAIC.
The contrast between the Army IC at large and USAIC leaders is one of scope and direction.
USAIC has been at the forefront in the development and delivery of cultural awareness training for the military.
As a result of the positive feedback received by the USAIC, the latest edition of the book was updated and published in March 2002.
WIT training, conducted at the USAIC, consists of fifty-one days of instruction divided between classroom academics, performance-based practical and laboratory exercises, and a comprehensive field training exercise.
mil, or by writing the TRADOC System Manager-Soldier (TSM-S), at: Commander, USAIC, ATTN: ATZB-TS, Fort Benning, Georgia, 31905-5405.
Ward is an Instructional Systems Specialist in the Training, Development and Support (TD&S) Directorate, USAIC, Fort Huachuca, Arizona.